Are you a restaurateur, fashion designer, tech company or startup? Whatever your business may be, the lawyers at Nadeau Young are happy to assist you.

It is crucial not to underestimate the power of a small business. Large corporations would not hesitate to obtain proper legal representation and neither should small businesses. Nadeau Young offers affordable fees and flexible times to accommodate your needs.

For large corporations, Nadeau Young is the economical solution to your legal needs. The lawyers at Nadeau Young stand behind the motto quality over quantity. Lawyers at large-scale law firms may pass on work to students and junior lawyers, while continuing to charge the client senior lawyer prices. Nadeau Young is your alternative, presenting companies with high-quality legal services at a low cost, benefitting you and your business.

Nadeau Young prioritizes quality, efficiency and customer service above all. Our lawyers are happy to advise and serve businesses and entrepreneurs in the areas of copyright, trademarks and logo protection, trade secrets, compliance with consumer protection legislation and anti-spam legislation (CASL), manufacturing and distribution agreements, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, purchase and sale agreements, marketing and advertising, competition and contest law, business and corporate services, as well as immigration law.

Nadeau Young will work with your business to help it thrive in its day-to-day operations, protect its brand and reduce exposure to liability. For information or to book a consultation with a lawyer, Contact Us today.

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