Consumers are individuals who have purchased a good or service for personal use. The Ontario Consumer Protection Act protects consumers in Ontario from the power imbalance between buyer and seller.

When you are unhappy with a product or service, how often do you follow up with a business and exercise your consumer rights?

Whether seeking an exchange, refund or even damages, consumers may hesitate to consult a lawyer for such matters to avoid paying expensive lawyer fees. Nadeau Young is an affordable solution to consumers – we can help consumers enforce their rights as consumers and offer low-cost solutions.

We are all consumers at one point or another, and the lawyers at Nadeau Young understand firsthand how frustrating it can be to purchase a faulty or badly manufactured item. Nadeau Young recognizes the vulnerability of consumers and lack of accessible legal services in the field of consumer protection, and wishes to support and assist consumers in enforcing their rights.

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If you feel like you have been taken advantage of as a consumer, Contact Us to find out if you any recourse against the seller.