Have you designed new technology or created the perfect recipe? Nadeau Young is pleased to assist with protecting your intellectual property by way of trade secret.

Obtaining a patent can be complex, time-consuming and expensive process. Moreover, once a patent is approved, the patent holder will be responsible for enforcing his or her patent, which can also be a very expensive and time consuming process. For these and other reasons, patents are not a viable option for many businesses.

Enter the trade secret: a more economical and efficient way to protect your invention or innovation. Where a patent requires disclosure, the trade secret works by maintaining valuable information about an invention or innovation confidential. Although there is no official process to using a trade secret, a business can adopt all necessary measures to maintain strict confidentiality about its creation, such as non-disclosure agreements. Such agreements may include a recourse for the business in case of a breach or where the confidential information is shared with unauthorized parties.

Nadeau Young can evaluate your circumstances and assist you in determining whether a trade secret is the optimal measure to protect your intellectual property. To find out if your invention should be protected by trade secret, or if you believe your rights have been violated in a trade secret matter, Contact Us.