In Canada, copyright automatically applies to original literary, artistic, dramatic or musical creations. Copyright grants an exclusive right to produce, reproduce, publish or perform it to the creator or copyright owner of the original work.

Generally, the copyright owner is the creator of the work; however, exceptions do exist, such as where the work is created in the context of employment, which may grant rights to the employer. Rights to the work can be altered by a contractual agreement. Notably, copyright in a work may be licensed to a third party, granting the third party broad or sometimes exclusive rights, such as a restricted right to produce, reproduce, publish or perform the original work.

Copyright protection persists for the life of the author plus an additional 50 years.

While you do not need to register copyright for to obtain copyright protection on your work, obtaining a certificate of registration with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office provides you with evidence that your work is copyrighted and may be helpful in enforcing your rights.

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