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While Canadian citizens and permanent residents are generally permitted to work in Canada, foreign nationals will usually need to obtain a work permit or apply for permanent residence if they wish to work in Canada, whether it’s establishing their own business or obtaining employment (some exceptions do apply).

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Work Permits

A work permit is not required for a foreign national who comes to Canada as a business visitor. Other specific professions, such as accredited diplomatic agents and crew members of transportation companies, also do not require work permits to carry out their duties while in Canada.

Generally, when a Canadian company wants to hire a foreign national, they must apply for and receive a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from Employment and Social Development Canada. Factors considered in granting a positive LMIA are: the creation of jobs for Canadians, the development of professional skills for Canadians, whether hiring the foreign national fills a labour shortage in Canada, whether the foreign national is going to be paid appropriately, and whether the employer has made sufficient efforts to hire or train a Canadian for the position.

That being said, several exemptions to the requirement of obtaining a LMIA do exist. For example, foreign nationals who qualify for work permits under international agreements such as International Experience Canada, NAFTA and CETA, do not require a LMIA. Moreover, those who bring significant cultural or social benefit to Canada, such as those who are a distinguished leader in their field, may be eligible for a work permit without needing to obtain a LMIA.

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Immigration for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Investors

Business owners who wish to establish their business in Canada may be eligible for immigration. Options include:

  • A start-up visa, for business owners that have the support of a designated organization. A designated organization is an investor approved by the government of Canada.
  • Self-employed individuals specialized in cultural activities, athletics or farming.
  • Business owners willing to make a substantial investment in Ontario in order to create jobs for Canadians.

Similarly, investors may be eligible for immigration in the following streams:

  • Immigrant Investor Venture Capital, with an at-risk investment of $2 million.
  • Immigrant Investor Program, with a guaranteed investment of $800,000.

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